Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

Why Net Art is NOT Web Art?

Web Art is different than Net Art because artists that are creating web art, they are using specific programs to create their designs, such as Photoshop, illustrator, canva, etc. Web art is a simpler piece of art, not simpler in the way that is created and imagined, but simpler because of the way that is made it.  However, artists that are creating net art they do all their work as an html document, so they just use a notepad, or a program called brackets, which I personally think is better, and with specific codes and techniques those artists are able to create images, projects, and stories that are actually part of the internet, is the internet doing it, they are not only posted on the internet.
            Technology has advanced in so many ways, and now we have great programs with perfect resolution that can give us an amazing piece of art, collages, and videos from our own imaginary creation, however, I believe is amazing how on net art you can interact with what is being presented, not only interact but also create your own story based on what is being presented, you can use your imagination, you can give “making no sense” a chance, not everything that is on net art needs to make sense, that is one of the main reasons I love net art, is all in your imagination.  Net art has been on the internet for a long time, and is a big part of the internet world, I give a lot of credit to this type of project because it definitely requires a larger amount of patience and focus to create art using notepad and html. The coding process can be easy but can also be tricky, when creating codes that will be assimilated with your art project, you need to be sure everything is linked and running smoothly, otherwise, your project will not be well executed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Rhizome Net Anthology

What characteristics do you see? What elements of design can you recognize in the 'new media'?

  I've noticed that all projects are non linear, they are composed by a page where it all starts, and then in the middle the order is up to your imagination and desire. At the end, you will always come to the same conclusion, but the fun aspect of it, is that the story will be the same, at the beginning and at the end, however, you can have different turn outs in the middle. I've noticed that most of their work is done with vintage pictures, gifs and videos, giving a more oldish look to the net art. The colors are darker in some projects, and in others we can notice brighter colors. I think there is movement within the projects, the way that every link has a transition into it, and also, the way that everything connects in the end, is very impressive, and it shows dominance, consistency and determination towards the project.  I've noticed that you can see a lot of information on one page, but at the same time, everything has its own space, is not crowded, you can clearly see what's going on, and where to go. The projects, even though it can have different outcomes towards the middle, they do not seem confusing, most of them are designed in a heart shapped form, making it easier to navigate on it. As I mention before, the colors varies from project to project, but those that have a melancolic message, tends to have a darker selection of colors, and those who seems to be more technological, fun and futuristic, they presente brighter colors, with a happier perspective. Overall, I thought that all the projects were special in their own way, shape and form. They all have different messages, and they express them really well. I truly enjoy netart because it kinda gives you the feeling of a “free style” Project, where you can be the leader, and click wherever you want to click.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Reponse Essay - GIFS

Milena Ghtait
Dr. Asmuth
     February 2nd 2019
What does this low tech method represent to you in 2018?
I see gifs as an extremely fun and compact figure that has been very helpful for me over the years. I am a very creative and visual person, so when I found out about gifs I got very excited because I would finally be able to express myself in colors, shapes, movements and action. Gifs does not only make a message fun, but also it gives a visual impact on what is being said. Sometimes when we want to represent something and we are not quite sure on how to describe, gifs are the key to make that representation understandable and interactive. Just yesterday I was texting my roommates, and we were discussing on how we have different personalities, however, instead of trying to describe our morning personalities with words, we started sending gifs to each other expressing how we see ourselves in the morning. It was a quite funny conversation, because the gifs were able to express ourselves better than words. We were able to identify ourselves with characters from movies, shows, and specific situations were also represented by a short passage of a movie scene. Something that I also love about gif is the fact that is extremely conveniente to download and to upload in documents and posts. It is a low tech method, that does not have lots of colors in it, which makes it easier to upload in certain documents and social media platforms. If i was to describe gifs I would say that is a fun, effective, quick and interactive media that has been getting more popular everyday. Gifs have the power of making a monotonous post or document into something fun and sometimes, more understandable.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Library - Written Statement


I wanted to create a classical and sophisticated art for my project. I believe that what is historical never dies, only gets better and improved. Just like how Adam from Michelangelo's art piece at the Sistine Chapel, was reinvented as a robot from another artist perspective. The Vitruvian Man was chosen to represent the hybrid part, which shows a person with multiple arms and legs, representing that a combination of totally different things can become something unique, just like the other hybrid animals that are representing the creation of new species. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Milena Ghtait
Thomas Asmuth 

How is New Media both inclusive and exclusive of the traditional media?
The new media art is something that is becoming more popular every day that goes by. We are living in an era where we are dependents of our phones, computers, and advanced technology; life becomes easier when we want to look for something specific because we know that we can find basically anything on the Internet. However, the traditional media plays an important role in the new media world. As consumers we tend to use both, new media and traditional media whenever we are looking for information on products, places, etc. New media makes the traditional media become tangible; it allows you to 3D print something that once was on a piece of paper. For me, new media can be both inclusive and exclusive of the traditional media because it follows a pattern, which are advertisement and the idea of visually sharing information. At the same time, new media offers everything that the traditional does, but faster, cheaper and in a more dynamic way.  New media is more effective towards time; however, traditional media has the power of reaching out to a broader audience because it has been in the world for a longer time, so older generations that are not used to the advanced technology that we have nowadays, certainly use the traditional media more often than the new media on a daily basis. 
New media could be excluding the traditional media in terms of content. In social media we can post things that we are not sure about, we can promote things that are not real, everyone can have a voice, and everyone can create content, it does not matter if is fake or not, it can easily be posted; while traditional media is composed by experienced and professional people that are aware of what they are doing, and their content contain the right information.  It is not a surprise that 90% of media budgets are still towards traditional media, the industries trust the traditional way better because they have more experience in the field and in social media the content is constantly changing so people can come up with information that are not accurate.
Art will always be art it does not matter the way is shaped or formatted. New media brought a new concept to the art world, implementing the traditional media in a sophisticated way, where you can feel, hear, smell, and interact with the art that is being presented.  Traditional media will never go away, it played and still plays an important role in the advertising world and is the base for the new types of arts that are coming in the future. When we have something that is traditional we can be sure that even if is somewhat excluded from other types of media, we will always have contact with it because the world might be changing and developing at a fast pace, but what is a tradition will always last forever.

New Media Art - PowerPoints.