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How to Read a Landscape (Edge Effects) - Response

Ben Kasten mentioned in the article that we should not create boundaries, and I totally agree with that. We need to put our mind to work, and we should accept the boundaries and look at them as a challenge and not as a final destination. Sometimes boundaries are part of the geographically beauty of a landscape but if we are too focused on that, we will never be able to see through it. We need to let our curiosity out of ourselves, we need to be confident with our choices and believe in what we see.
I believe that good part of a landscape reading comes from our imagination. We do not need to invent things, however, if we use our mind when we are reading a landscape we will for sure see things that are beyond those barriers. We will not put limits on ourselves or on what is predictable. We will get the feeling of joy, and it will make us feel amazed by what we can find in a single landscape.

Progress Shots - Project 04

Project Proposal and List for Research Project


My project was inspired by cultural diversity on college campuses. I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I noticed that at UWF we do have a big international community, but most people do not know about that. I thought it would be nice to show a little bit of the multicultural campus that we go to everyday. Also, I want people to learn new cultures and emphasize how important it is to know and respect different cultures. Diversity is something great that we should definitely take advantage of because it has a lot to offer to ourselves and to our life perspective. Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today. 


1) One on one interviews with foreign college students.
2) Poster creation for each international student with the design based on the colors of their country.
3) QR Code the interviews and Introduction
4) Record the introduction and the interviews
5) Print and crop.






3 Research Questions


1) If you could imagine a place that was diverse, how would that place be?
2) What does diversity means to you?
3) How can we emphasize diversity awareness on college campuses?

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7 Words Power Point

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Critique - Paige's net.art Project

Critique Form Art2600C Asmuth
Artist Name: Paige Hurst
Reviewer Name: Milena Ghtait
Title: Heaven of Madness
Project: Net.Art Project

A. List at least 3 strengths. Give specific information on the content, form, concept, etc.
Paige did a really good job with her net.art project.  The attributions created towards religion and the opposite side of it were well explained and the colors, pictures and sounds used were a great fit for the theme. The way that she assimilated hell with the color red, and creepy sounds, makes the spectator feel like they are there. I felt like I was in that place at that specific time. She created a project very realistic and interactive. I also really enjoyed how she put the links in the images, so it gave you the idea that you were entering in a new scenario. At the end of her project I thought it was cool how you have that expectation of “to be continued”.
B. List at least 3 Areas for Improvement. Again be specific. You could suggest alternate solutions as well.
 I would improve on the fonts used on the project, some fonts were almost the same color as the background so it made it kinda hard to see, and also the placement of some the words were hard to notice as well. 
I would improve the quality of some background images as well, most of them have great resolution but some of them are a little blurry.
I would also suggest to maybe create an auto play sound loop on the pages that have sound, I think it would give a new impact to the page, perhaps would caught more my attention if the music would play automatically and in a loop.
C. What insights do you have about this work? What is the content (message, story) of the work? What other works of art does it relate to? Support your observations by referencing specific features of the work including image, materials, formal elements (line, shade, color, composition), concept, technologies used, etc. Did work follow the prompt? 
In my perspective, Paige tried to tell a narrative of someone who had a different choice of “normal” sexuality within the eyes of a church. And if that person did not conform, they would be a freak. So basically she is telling a story of how religion defines people, and how is hard to be accepted within these roles applied by society. Most people tend to fall into these roles because of status quo, and they rather be unhappy than to face the truth of who they really are. I think her work followed the prompt, it was interactive and it followed a pattern. She had a lot of movement within her pages and a smooth transaction. As I mentioned before, I loved how she implemented links within the pictures and gifs, it made it even more interactive and it caught a lot my attention.

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How to Read a Landscape (Edge Effects) - Response

Ben Kasten mentioned in the article that we should not create boundaries, and I totally agree with that. We need to put our mind to work, an...